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Land based activities in Gower, Mumbles and Swansea

Image courtesy of Matt Woodfield from Outdoor Matters

Climbing and abseiling is another passtime that people come to Gower to enjoy because of its rugged limestone coast. I won't pretend that I know anything about it, (though I'd like to) - I'll leave it to the experts, below.

If you have any particular stories, photos or experiences that you would like to share with us, or would like to exchange links to your website please drop me an email (details on the contact us page) and I will add it to this page.

. Outdoor Matters: more

Rock climbing and abseiling adventures on the cliffs of Gower from local qualified knowledgeable instructors. Join us for a day living on the edge and see a different side of the peninsula. Phone 01792 547808 or 07849 109100

Image courtesy of Matt Woodfield from Outdoor Matters

Image courtesy of Matt Woodfield from Outdoor Matters


What a great way to see the Gower countryside on a dry day! Gower roads can get busy during the height of season and there are no dedicated cycle tracks, so don't forget your cycle helmet! Cycling is a popular activity in Gower, but remember that Gower is not flat, so you can expect at least a few testing elevations.

There are a number of suggested cycle routes in the area, including along the sea front from Mumbles to Swansea, through the Clyne Valley Country Park from Blackpill to Gowerton and the North Gower Cycle Route which follows some of the quieter roads in North Gower.

As the sole method of transprt...
If you arriving by train, for example and are bringing your bicycle, it could be quite a lengthy ride before you reach your destination, so it is probably best to check routes etc. in advance.

Bike Hire
There are two places to hire bikes in Swansea. If you want prices, or further information, please contact them directly.

Swansea Cycles 01792 410710.

Action Bikes Swansea 01792 464640 or email
We are based on the cycle route 4 in the city centre and do not have to cross any roads to get on the cycle track. We are open 7 days a week with a new range of bikes, a full range of trailers, child seats etc. and free helmet and locks.

Local Cyclist Touring Club
The chairman of the local branch of the Cyclist Touring Club says:
"We have regular cycle rides on Wednesdays and Sundays offering both easy and moderate rides and we would welcome cyclists who are visiting the area on holiday to ride with us. We tend to cycle the quieter roads which visitors to the area perhaps would not know and of course cycling with a group can offer more safety and a sharing of local information". For more information visit:


Horse Riding and Pony Trekking

"No one can teach riding so well as a horse". - C.S. Lewis

In my opinion, a fantastic way to see the Gower countryside is on horse back. Relax and enjoy a steady walk through the bridleways or feel the wind in your hair and go for an exhilarating ride on the beach. Whichever is for you, it is well worth a try and you certainly get a different perspective from up in the saddle. If you've never ridden before, why not make Gower the place where you first started to learn to ride?

Pony Trekking in Gower

To my knowledge there is only two Trekking centres left on Gower (the others have been forced out of business, due to escalating insurance premiums, even though some of them never had a claim.)

Parc-le-Breos Riding Centre 01792 371636 info@parc-le-breos.co.uk

Copley Stables, Clyne Common 01792 234428

Riding lessons

CS Equestrian provides professional and friendly riding tuition for all abilities. Phone 07807 516267

Horse Bed and Breakfast in Gower

If you have your own horse, there are a number of places in Gower that offer “Horse B&B" or can provide stabling, if you choose to stay with them.

These are as follows:

Pilton Moor Stables and Livery, Rhossili: Phone 01792 390554 or email

The Bank Farm, Scurlage: Phone 01792 390389

Other Activities
. Perriswood Archery more
We offer fun for all the family, where all age groups can get involved whether you are 6 to 60 years, and a complete beginner, then grab a bow and have a go...
Phone 01792 371661 or email
. Dryad Bushcraft more
Bushcraft is the Art of learning to live comfortably in a wilderness environment using a combination of primitive and modern techniques. Phone 01792 547213

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