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Air sports in Gower, Mumbles and Swansea
Hang/para gliding

Rhossili is often voted, by those who partake of this sport, as one of the best places to enjoy hang gliding and paragliding in Gower; Taking off from Rhossili Down and soaring over the expanse of Rhossili Bay.

Paragliding over Rhossili Bay. The worms head is in the background.

Paragliding over Rhossili Bay. The Worms Head is in the background.

If you have any particular stories, photos or experiences that you would like to share with us, or would like to exchange links to your website please drop me an email (details on the contact us page) and I will add it to this page.


"Saturday October 25th - 4pm: Too windy to take off from 'the pimple' so my friend Andy and I go for a leisurely stroll down to the beach to check out the wind speed lower down. After a few minutes monitoring the wind we decide to try to take off from the beach!
Back up to the car park for our kit and by 5pm we're unpacked and ground-handling in front of the small ridge right on the beach. After two attemps to launch and managing just skips and hops I wonder if I'm going to be able to do this.. People on the beach all seem to be watching... no pressure. I finally manage to get airbourne (5:20pm) and enjoy two and a half hours of smooth air, occasionaly pushing out over the sea to practice spirals and wing-overs.

We both land after the most beautiful sunset. Rhossili from the air at sunset looks amazing. Big smiles on both of our faces. We've just 'stolen' over two hours flying on what should have been a 'blown-out' day. No other paragliders in the air all day... Magic." sent to us by Jason Andrews

This lovely photo of Rhossili Bay, from the air, was taken by Martin Bucknall.

Wanting to fly in Rhossili?

The main point of contact for anyone wishing to fly in Rhossili and the surrounding area, is the South West Wales Soaring Club. The club oversees all Hang and Paragliding activity in the area and the National Trust as landowners, communicate with them, over all flying activities at Rhossili. Any safety information, restrictions or rule changes are available to the public, through the club.

SWWSC Club Contact - Nick Roberts, Tel: 01792 845646

SWWSC is a small and friendly club which welcomes visitors to its sites, but asks that all pilots wishing to fly at Rhossili should be familiar with the site rules which are available on the club website and from the National Trust shop.

Anyone wishing to fly should be suitably qualified, carry insurance and be members of the BHPA. For those pilots who are not members of the South West Wales Soaring Club or the Welsh Federation, a small day visitors fee is payable to the National Trust at the National Trust shop.

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Pembrokeshire Paragliding: more

We are a friendly Paragliding school offering Tandem flights and tuition throughout South West Wales and the Swansea area.  Phone 01239 614140 / 07796 855557


Image courtesy of Pembrokeshire Paragliding

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Malvern Hang Gliding Club

The SE Wales Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club

British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

Kite Flying
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Gower Kite Centre and Surf Supplies: more
Lots of kites to choose from or to order in a village that lends itself to kite flying. Also fishing tackle, gifts, candles, gas and camping accessories. We sell and hire surfboards and wet suits.
Phone: 01792 390593

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